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About Lipogaine for Men Hair Growth Serum

A Top Choice for your Hair Re-Growth

Lipogaine for men hair growth serum is one of the top selling hair loss products on our site.

This is unsurprising because it is also one of the best selling hair loss products anywhere in the world.

Why is this? Well, because it works.

We sell Lipogaine for men – intensive treatment complete solution for thinning hair – in two different quantities.

A one month supply for £24.99 and a three month supply for £74.97.

We recommend that when starting out you opt for the three month option because it generally takes at least two months for effects to be seen.

The Top Selling Hair Growth Serum

Lipogaine has long been known as one of the most effective solutions to thinning hair.

We describe it as the most effective hair regrowth product on the market because it has been proved as such in numerous tests.

It contains clinically proven ingredients for maximum results with maximum simplicity of use.

Of all the minoxidil hair growth serums on our website, Lipogaine is the one that works all over the whole scalp – not just on the top.

The Science Behind The Hair Growth Serum

It’s widely believed that male pattern baldness is caused by DHT.

High levels of DHT are normal in males going through puberty but, as men get older, excess DHT can have a detrimental effect on the hair.

It attaches to the hair follicle, blocking growth.

In order to be effective, a hair growth serum needs to either reduce the level of DHT in the body or stimulate hair growth despite high levels of it being present.

Most hair loss products do one or the other.

Lipogaine for men is unique in that it does both.

How Quickly Will Lipogaine for Men Work?

There is no one answer to this question.

Everyone’s hair is unique.

What we can say is that hair typically grows ½ inch to 1 inch per month AND that the first hair that comes through when new growth occurs will be downy and light, so it will be at least two months before you see it start to take effect.

Have faith.

There is sound science behind Lipogaine for men and it is the top selling hair loss serum for a reason.

If you are self conscious about thinning hair we highly recommend that you give this a try.