Does Minoxidil Really Work?

Minoxidil is often mentioned as one of the better hair loss treatment solutions on the planet.

However, does Minoxidil really work or is it a marketing gimmick like the many others that have come before it?

What is Minoxidil and Does Minoxidil Really Work?

Let’s begin by understanding what Minoxidil is for those who have never heard of it.

Minoxidil is a hair restoration agent (topical) and has been approved by local and federal agencies for its ability to help treat hair loss effectively.


The best way to answer this question and alleviate all concerns about the product, it’s best to analyse studies done on it. Minoxidil isn’t a “street-based” product that has been promoted by random individuals. It has been rigorously tested to uphold modern standards and has passed all tests established by dermatologists and hair specialists.

Does Minoxidil Really Work

A study completed by International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery stated 62.1 % of their subjects noticed improvement with Minoxidil application [1]. This is a staggering number and illustrates how potent the product is for treating or managing hair loss.

Benefits of Minoxidil

It’s important to answer the question, “Does Minoxidil really work?” by taking a look at its benefits and what the studies looked into. Hair specialists want to analyse a variety of changes before determining whether the hair loss product is viable or not.

For example, Minoxidil is great in a multitude of ways.

  1. Decreased Hair Loss
  2. Promotes New Hair Growth
  3. Fast Onset of New Hair Growth
  4. Safe Application

These are the advantages mentioned by those who have studied the product and taken a look at all that it has to offer. They have been left impressed by its versatility and ability to work with various cases.

Minoxidil is a winning hair loss treatment option and one of the best for turning things around as soon as possible. Losing hair isn’t comfortable and something men don’t wish to deal with but it can be changed for the better. Take a look at adding this hair loss product to your regimen and bringing things around for the better. It has the ability to make it easier to rejuvenate hair growth and feel better about how you look on a daily basis. It is empowering and a lot of fun to use once it is a part of your routine.

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