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Minoxidil Vs Rogaine

Minoxidil Vs Rogaine – A Comparison   What you Need to Know Minoxidil Versus Rogaine – which is the better product you may ask. Minoxidil and Rogaine are two words that you will find quite frequently on our website. Of the two, Rogaine is perhaps the best known but what is the difference between them? […]

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About Lipogaine for Men Hair Growth Serum

A Top Choice for your Hair Re-Growth Lipogaine for men hair growth serum is one of the top selling hair loss products on our site. This is unsurprising because it is also one of the best selling hair loss products anywhere in the world. Why is this? Well, because it works. We sell Lipogaine for […]

When and why to choose Minoxidil hair products

All of the hair growth products that we supply contain Minoxidil – the number one dermatologically recommended OTC hair regrowth treatment active ingredient. By using Kirkland Minoxidil hair products you could minimise the effects of thinning hair and actually start new hair growing. Products supplied by Minoxidil 2 U include: Lipogaine Men’s Intensive Hair Loss […]