Kirkland Signature minoxidil is scientifically proven to
regrow scalp hair lost to male pattern baldness.

It slows or stops hair loss and helps regrow hair within
a few months of use when used twice per day.

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Kirkland MinoxidilBuy Kirkland Minoxidil

There really is nothing like this amazing product for
hair loss treatment, men's ROGAINE Unscented Foam.

ROGAINE Foam was the first FDA-approved hair regrowth
foam. Tests in clinical conditions showed hair grew back in nearly
9 out of 10 men when applied twice daily for just 4 months.

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Rogaine MinoxidilRogain Hair Regrowth

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Buy Kirkland Minoxidil & Rogaine Direct From The Leading UK Supplier

We are the UK’s leading supplier of  Kirkland Minoxidil & Rogaine hair loss treatment products so rest assured that when you buy Kirland Minoxidil you are getting a genuine product from a recognised supplier. 

Proven in clinical tests to prevent or regrow hair in almost 90% of all people who tried it.

In most cases your hair will begin to regrow within a period of just 2 months.

  • Kirkland Solution 1 Month

    Kirkland 5% Minoxidil Solution – 1 Month Supply

  • Kirkland Solution 12 Month

    Kirkland 5% Minoxidil Solution

  • kirkland foam master b

    Kirkland 5% Minoxidil Foam – 1 Month Supply

  • kirkland foam 1-12 month

    Kirkland 5% Minoxidil Foam

  • Kirkland Solution 2 Month

    Kirkland 5% Minoxidil Solution – 2 Month Supply

  • Rogaine 1 Month

    Rogaine 5% Minoxidil Foam – 1 Month Supply


Buy Kirkland Minoxidil For Both Men & Women From

Buy Kirkland Minoxidil direct from a leading UK supplier. Our fast turnaround times mean that you can begin your hair regrowth sooner rather than later. We ship worldwide and have many great reviews from satisfied customers.

About Minoxidil

Male pattern baldness is a problem for a lot of men all around the world, hair loss also affects a significant amount of women too. Minoxidil has undergone clinical tests and has proven in almost 90% of cases to be a successful treatment for regrowing your hair both on your head and also beard.

Did You Know That Minoxidil Was Discovered By Accident?

Rogaine (Minoxidil), unlike it’s current form of foam or liquid was actually originally created by Guinter Kahn (ref: Business Insider) in a tablet form and was intended as a drug for high blood pressure. However, during tests Doctors noticed that people taking this tablet seemed to grow new hair follicles and so the investigation took a new turn.


  • Minoxidil was the very first FDA approved treatment for male pattern baldness for both men & women.
  • Minoxidil requires no prescription and is an approved treatment for alopecia (hair loss).
  • Minoxidil is available in different strengths of 2% and 5%
  • It comes in either a liquid or foam and can be bought in different quantities.
  • It is recommend that women use the 2% version of Minoxidil because the manufacturers of Minoxidil have not yet received FDA approval for promoting 5% minoxidil or minoxidil extra strength for use by women.
  • Kirkland Minoxidil / Rogaine works in almost 9 out 10 people within 2 months, some up to 4 months.
  • It works for people experiencing either thinning of their hair for the first time or for people with baldness.

How Does Minoxidil Work? A Scientific Explanation…

Your hair follicles have blood vessels surrounding them that stop working, usually due to your genetic make-up. Our Kirkland Minoxidil or Rogaine products can cause a dilation in these blood vessels and boost the power to them causing a new supply of follicle nutrients and therefore stimulating it back into life.

There is also another possible scenarios where Minoxidil can boost  the DNA syntheses within the hair follicle cells, producing sulfonyl transfers the end result of which is an increase in potassium in the cells.

Does Minoxidil Work?

The short answer is “yes” in the majority of people. People asked will there ever be a cure for baldness and thanks to the scientific breakthrough of Minoxidil in 1988 it has become an officially approved FDA approved treatment for baldness. For a review of Kirkland Minoxidil click here.